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Infinity symbol PNG Download Free

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This image has format transparent PNG with resolution 835×386.
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The infinity symbol (sometimes called the lemniscate) is a mathematical symbol representing the concept of infinity.

The shape of a sideways figure eight has a long pedigree; for instance, it appears in the cross of Saint Boniface, wrapped around the bars of a Latin cross. However, John Wallis is credited with introducing the infinity symbol with its mathematical meaning in 1655, in his De sectionibus conicis. Wallis did not explain his choice of this symbol, but it has been conjectured to be a variant form of a Roman numeral for 1,000 (originally CI, also C), which was sometimes used to mean “many”, or of the Greek letter (omega), the last letter in the Greek alphabet.

Advantages of Infinity symbol PNG Format

    • Higher bit depths (more colors) PNG allows for 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 24 and 32 bit images, smashing the 8-bit barrier
    • A permanent, royalty-free license PNG is being developed by the W3C, and will always be a free and open standard
    • Multiple layers of transparency Infinity symbol PNG images allow for full alpha channel transparency, which makes moving images from one background to another easy.
    • Uses a lossless image compression technique, hence no information is lost and the image is retrieved keeping the same quality.
    • Supports all the true colors, unlike the contemporary GIF format which only supports 256 colors.
    • Alpha channel support in PNG images allows transparency of the file format which is not possible with other file formats.


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